what is taiji

(In modern usage the term 太極,t’ai chi / taiji (unless further qualified as in “taiji philosophy” or “taiji diagram”) is now commonly understood, both in the West and in mainland China, to refer to the martial art and exercise system. However, the term has its origins in Chinese philosophy. The word taiji translates to “great pole/goal” or “supreme ultimate”, […]


A Xingyi master, awakens after taking a break…..when you  practice be sure that your feelings are such that the  practice is natural not something forced, otherwise the practice itself will build and cause tensions in the body…counter to what one is trying to do through the practice.. … So subtle; so subtle; as if there […]

The bright path seems dim; Going forward seems like retreat; The easy way seems hard; The highest Virtue seems empty; Great purity seems sullied; A wealth of Virtue seems inadequate; The strength of Virtue seems frail; Real Virtue seems unreal; The perfect square has no corners; Great talents ripen late; The highest notes are hard […]