The Ox

When we speak of stages of practice,  I find these  pictures to present a clear and detailed view of  the process that one  transcends through. The start of ones practice can be thought of as Seeking the OX 

It’s hard to let it go of inner tensions, if one dose not understand that one is holding them and can put them down at any time.   The question should be  why do we hold them ?  Part of the answer is that they tend to help us define who we are.  

They become  part of a construct in which we interact with the world and ourselves with.  For many the practice of taiji is scary, it ask one to trust in something that is already there but which has been  covered over with what one wants to be there.

We can all feel and see the tensions in another,  the practice of taiji will help us to see and feel them within ourselves.

By seeking the OX,,   one begins the practice…


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