Tracks in the snow

Very seldom do I come across things written in English that are so clear and detailed.  In our work, we often talk of intention and the interaction with the mind body.

It is very important that one understands what one is training, how to train it, and how to test it.

Tracks in the snow,  Fleeting and transient Where do they go, who made them?

walking ice

Enjoyed this translation,  wish to share it with those who may pass by.

姚馥春 姜容樵 合編
by Yao Fuchun & Jiang Rongqiao
[published by 上海武學書局 Shanghai Martial Studies Press, 1930]

[translation by Paul Brennan, May, 2016]”

Focus your intention. This is a matter of mind. When “performing the Taiji Boxing set, in each movement focus wholeheartedly on that technique. Then wherever your hands and feet arrive, your mind and intention will also arrive.

Thus it is said: “Use intention rather than exertion.” If there is the slightest awkward effort, there will be stagnation among the tissues and vessels, making you unable to be lively and nimble, and your intention will not be able to be focused.

But with your mind involved, you will be able to send energy and blood throughout your whole body. If you practice in this way for a long time without interruption, as long you are not using exertion, then you will have genuine internal power.

Once the skill and function are clear the usage will become self evident.”

Words from the past, written for the future.

Read in the present

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