The quiet master

practice place


Many years ago I walked up these steps not knowing  what I would find. Later I would watch many others stand on these steps waiting to be invited into the world I was entering.   The ending and beginning of my own journey to emptiness would start with the first meeting.

My name is David,

Welcome to my   “Journey To Emptiness”

很多年前,我走上這些步伐不知道我會找到什麼。 後來我也會看到許多人踏上同樣的步伐並等待被邀請到我正進入的世界。 我自己的虛空之旅將從第一次聚會開始。我叫大衛,歡迎來到我的“虛空之旅”。

master zhang
Taiji  Master   Zhang Youngliang

Within the taiji community in Beijing he is known, they too also respect his wishes of keeping a low profile so there is not really much written about him…Many of his students have studied different things and stay for quite some time feeling something they don’t quite understand but somehow know deep within.  Seeking answers, to silent  unformed questions.


Master Zhang,  practices every day winter, spring, summer and fall.  He never seemed to change while everything else changed around him…When it rained we would take umbrellas and put them up in the low branches of the trees, so that we could practice in the space below them…At  94 he still makes it to the park as often as he can but not as much as before.

不管是春夏秋冬,張師傅每天都會練習。 即使是周圍的人事物在改變,他似乎從未變過……當下雨時,我們會拿傘並把它們放在樹木的較低的枝葉上,這樣我們就可以在雨傘下面的空間裡練習……已經是94歲了,即使無法像以前那麼頻繁,張師傅仍然儘可能經常去公園。


In the winter time we would sweep away the snow, the ground very hard and cold.

Mind sweeper,  ready, waiting

The Quite Master.


Master Zhang Yongliang

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