A day in the park

xingy master_break time

Winter time,  a local Xingyi teacher takes a nap.  The others in Master Zhang’s group go about their practices while he sleeps.

在冬天練拳前,我們會掃雪,地面非常硬且寒冷。冬季的某一天,當地的形意拳師傅在打盹兒。 張師傅的學生們在他睡覺時仍進行他們的練習。

Master Zhang,  training our group in the park.  In his 90s at the time of the clip.

張師傅在公園裡教我們練拳。 在拍攝此影片時他已經九十幾歲了。

His style of training was very informal preferring to  let the art speak for itself through him. People often talk of masters hidden plain site.  He was such a master, preferred and sought anonymity, all the while having his practice in plain sight for those just passing by.

在不太正式的訓練風格中,他直接讓太極拳的藝術透過他來做體現。 人們常說大師隱於市,他就是這樣的一位大師,在不特意彰顯自己下保持匿名,他一直都在路過的人們都顯而易見的狀況下進行他的教學與練習。

He would often be questioned by people passing by asking if it was real.

He would smile and say ” of course its not, they are faking it” The people asking would laugh we would smile, they would leave and we would go back to practice….It was only recently that any clips could be found of his work on the net posted by a close friend and taiji teacher.


I once asked master Zhang,  about this he said

” I could be very famous if I wanted to be.

But then many people would come,  some wanting to challenge, some out of curiosity, and some really wanting to train. There would be too many, I would not be able to interact with them as I do now.”

我曾問過張師傅這一切,他說“如果我想要的話,我可以很有名。但是很多人會來,有些想要挑戰,有些是出於好奇,有些真的想要學拳。 會有太多人來,那麼我就無法與他們像現在一樣地互動。“

The Quiet Master

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