Work shop 6-11-2016

Dr. Weihong Huang

hosted a work shop on basic aspects of taiji.  In this clip he talks about open-close with some basic movements to test and explain the idea…

“Professor Huang started studying Chinese medicine and Tai Ji Quan in year 2000. He has learned Southern Wu style square form in Singapore from Master Eddie Kuang-yu Wu who was the Patriarch(Gate-keeper) of Wu style as well as the Northern Wu style round form from Master Gao Zhuangfei.”

Now he is  directing two PHD students to do research on “The scientific principles of Tai Ji Quan”

Starting 2012, Professor Huang began to promote his scientific view of Tai Ji Quan to the world. He believes that Tai Ji Quan is a science.   Therefore, learning, training, and teaching  Tai Ji Quan must follow a scientific approach, standard method, and be part of one’s daily life.

He opposes the current  trend which makes  Taiji Quan an entertainment performance or to mystify its power.

When he applies the approach of “Standardization”, “Verification” and “applicability” to teach Tai Ji Quan, even a novice could pick up the basic principles of Tai Ji quickly and demonstrate the skills that some Tai Ji practitioners have trained for a long time.

Dr Huang, has a  somewhat unique approach to teaching and clarifying aspects of the art making it more understandable to people in the modern age.

Taiji has been said to be nothing more then open-close, empty-full

some commentary that helps explain what is viewed.


Taiji is round, never abandoning its roundness whether going in or out, up or down, left or right. And Taiji is square, never abandoning its squareness whether going in or out, up or down, left or right.

As you roundly exit and enter, or squarely advance and retreat, follow squareness with roundness, and vice versa. Squareness has to do with expanding, roundness with contracting. [Squareness means a directional focus along which you can express your power. Roundness means an all-around buoyancy with which you can receive and neutralize the opponent’s power.]
The main rule is that you be squared and rounded. After all, could there be anything beyond these things? By means of this you will become proficient at the skill. But “gazing up, it grows higher, and drilling in, it gets harder”

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