Shifu Michelle Gong

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Shifu Michelle Gong,

Followed her dream as a young girl growing up in a small rural village in China.

Her dream would lead her to go on to Wudang mountain and learn the 36 form “Wudang Taiji”.

She learned taiji as young  teenager,  traveling to the “temple of heaven” in Beijing to study under the taiji masters, and would later go on to win an international competition in 2009.

Her last taiji teacher she would met in Beijing through a friend. 

Master Zhang Youngliang  張永良師傅 1920–2020

A noted but very private taiji master teaching in one of the many Beijing parks.  

She continued to study under Master Zhang, becoming a noted student.

Master Zhang, encouraged her to teach people and help them feel the benefits of   traditional Chinese internal Gongfu,  combined with meditation, helping them to achieve the physical and mental health.benefits of taiji practice.

michell taiji
master zhang’s style, taiji practice

A class of students learning Chinese language in the back ground. Shifu Gong, leading them through taiji practice offered as part of the course exposing them to Chinese physical culture.

The 24 step commonly used as an introduction to taiji, containing many of the essential elements. For many a starting point to the formal practice of taiji.

Michelle Gong,   Taiji  teacher, Beijing Tour Guide

can be contacted at

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