Master Zhang Yongliang

Master Zhang Youngliang, 張永良師傅

Master Zhang Youngliang. 張永良師傅

Master Zhang Youngliang, was born in 1920.

** Note: Information translated from a local student/ visitor.

He started his martial arts training at age of 5, until 14. His family ran a shoe factory at the time. Since 14 he joined the family business and needed to ship the handmade soles from Tongzhou to the City.

On the way he had to cross a river on foot and carried his bicycles/soles on his shoulder.

張永良師傅,1920年出生,5歲開始武術訓練,直到14歲。他的家人當時經營一家鞋廠。 從14歲起,他加入家族生意,並負責將通州的手工鞋底運往城市。 途中他不得不徒步穿過河流,並將自行車/鞋底放在肩上。

The cold water hurt his legs over the years and he had to stop when he was 25. He began Ba Gua training from his second master by then, and practised the art for 17 years.

In 1962, 4 years before the Culture Revolution, he started his Taichi training from his third master. In fact, he had been practicing in the park where his Taichi master had met him, and observed him for quite some time.

Master Zhang, and his Taichi master had a contest to compare skills. Master Zhang, lost in such a way that he knew that this was what he was looking for in his own martial path, Master Zhang, decided to follow his Taichi Master right after the match.

At first the master did not want to teach him, but after awhile agreed when he saw the sincerity of Master Zhang, He agreed to teach him with the following conditions:

多年來,冷水傷了他的雙腿並使得他在25歲時不得不停下工作。在那時,他開始從第二位師傅那裡接受八卦掌的訓練並持續練習了17年。 1962年,在文革前的四年,他從他的第三位師傅開始了他的太極拳訓練。 事實上,他一直在遇到他太極師傅的公園練習,師傅在這之前已經觀察他很長一段時間。

張師傅和他的太極師傅曾彼此較量武藝的高低, 張師傅輸了。張師傅在較量後立刻決定追隨他的太極師傅,因為他知道這正是他在自己的武術道路上一直追尋的東西。 起初師傅不想教他,但經過一段時間,當師傅看到他的誠意後,同意在下列條件下教他:

1. tell no one that I am your teacher.
2. do not practice other things. If you do I will know.
3. do not push with anyone for 3 years.

For 4 years he studied Taiji until his master was nowhere to be found when the Culture Revolution had disturbed the society and the daily life of everyone. Master Zhang secretly practised Taiji by himself during this hard time.


2.不要練習其他的武術。 如果你練了,我會知道。


他跟師父練了4年的太極拳,一直到擾亂了社會和每個人生活的文化大革命讓他完全找不到師傅的蹤影。 在那段艱難的時刻,張師傅仍然自己偷偷地練太極拳。

In 1980 he started teaching. Master Zhang to this day has kept his promise to tell no one his teacher’s name. His master had passed a code to him: to teach but not for money. The true meaning of Taiji and Chinese Kungfu is manifested in him and his teaching and his followers.

1980年起,張師傅開始教拳。 他至今仍遵守承諾,不告訴任何人他師傅的姓名。 他的師傅傳承了一個規範給他:為教而教,而不是為了金錢。 太極拳和中國功夫的真正含義已體現在張師傅、他的教導及他的追隨者身上。

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