A reflection, reflects what is there. First passing through the lens of understanding allowing one to see what is there.  Reflected image, and understanding not real.

Observer not known, unable to see it self.  Who is it, what is it.

I would soon leave Korea reflecting on my recent match and how I had lost. Analyzing each part, thinking if I worked harder on different aspects maybe something would change. I would train like a man on fire trying to put it out.

Next stop Hawaii, courtesy of the US Army.

Soon I would be a member of 25th Infantry Division , most GI’s of the time would call it 25th dimension, a GI world unto itself. It should be said that most military commands are, this one was just more so than most.

It occurred to me that it was not me that was the problem it was the style itself. Something was lacking missing,,,,

Remembering my earlier days I felt maybe I had made a mistake and started looking for a White Crane gym….As luck would have it I stumbled into teacher CheukTiang-Tse’s,  gym in Hawaii; which he called Cheuk’s Kung Fu Academy.

He taught White Crane, Choy Li Fut, and Lama Hop Gar. All tied together by the distinctive use of what is called long arm, although the CLF style seemed to use it in a very different way than The White Crane or Lama style.

I began my training there, again throwing myself into it, with the exception that this time it was more remembering what I used to know…even at that, there were differences in some of the movements practiced. I would become friends with one of Shifu Cheuk’s sons who also trained at the gym…

On a hot, balmy Hawaiian night, in downtown Honolulu. In the middle of what seemed like 1000s of repetitions of movement it came to me….another voice seemingly coming from inside of me, some might say the inner teacher decided to speak..

Water splash

You do not need more movement, you need the essence of movement.

The Ocean had spoken to the wave.

An example we often use in Buddhism is that of the wave and the water. The wave springs from the ocean and when you observe the phenomenon of the wave, … Before arising it seems that the wave did not exist, and after going down, we don’t see it existing either. … But at the same time we know the wave is also water.


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