Outlaw taiji

Master Sam Kakina, and Shifu Peter Tam Hoy


Sam, as he liked to be called was in many ways ahead of his time. Having come from a hard style back ground his hands were gnarled not with age but with the training he did as a much younger man toughing them on coconut trees growing on the island.  I can still hear him in his Hawaiian accented pidgin English, “and now we use the good old American right hook ”  when going over how his taiji worked.

taiji 1 david
tung/dong style  “david”

The Tung/Dong style is considered medium to large frame taiji.


Peter, a kind soul,  watchful and reserved,  had a cat like way of movement, very quiet yet able to express power at any point.

Peter mentored by Sam,  unafraid to challenge his training and seek out deeper and deeper levels of understanding. same and peter.png

Now at the point were his art is teaching him directly.  He continues the tradition on the Big Island in Hawaii.



Sifu Tam Hoy 1975


Master Sam, and peter practicing push hands.

A young Sifu in the making Peter Tam Hoy “1975”

He and Sam my first introduction into the taiji world.


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