Restoring force



Stand like a balanced scale and rotate actively like a wheel. ”


Use no more then 4oz in dealing with others, do not allow more then 4oz to be felt on ones self.  Taiji is no less then one yin, one yang, combined with out separation.

不加四兩以上於對方,也不讓自我感受多於四兩。 太極不外乎一陰一陽、陰陽相濟。

” Stand like a balanced scale and rotate actively like a wheel. ” 



“A simple balance uses a lever with plates on each end atop a fulcrum, or a pivoting point. By using standard masses, like grams and kilograms, an unknown object’s mass can be determined when it balances with an equal amount of known standard masses. This mass will always be constant.”

“簡單的天平為一個槓桿置於支點或樞軸點之上,托盤位於其兩端。 利用標準質量,例如克和千克,當未知物體的質量與等量的已知標準質量相平衡時,可以測定未知物質量。 此測定的質量將永遠保持不變。“


“Be as still as a mountain, move like a great river”


To be as still as a mountain means to have equilibrium, to move like a great river means to not break ones equilibrium while in dynamic movement.


stable equilibrium (noun)


“The response of a system in static equilibrium to a small perturbation is forces that tend to restore the equilibrium”


Restoring force, in a physics context, is a force that gives rise to an equilibrium in a physical system. If the system is perturbed away from the equilibrium, the restoring force will tend to bring the system back toward equilibrium.

“在物理學的思維下,回復力指的是一種能夠使物理系統中達成平衡的力量。 如果系統受到擾動而離開平衡狀態,回復力將趨使系統重新回到平衡狀態。


The restoring force is a function only of position of the mass or particle.


It is always directed back toward the equilibrium position of the system. The restoring force is often referred to in simple harmonic motion. The force which is responsible to restore original size and shape is called restoring force.”

回復力總是指向系統的平衡位置, 它導致了簡諧運動。 能夠恢復原始尺寸和形狀的力量我們把它稱為回復力。事實上這就是普通物理學稱呼的彈簧力。

Restoring force, Stable equilibrium, Dynamic balance, Harmonic motion.

All described in many taiji text in colloquial terms concerning the practice, application and usage of the art.

The one question that a practitioner should use to guide their practice  “Is it true”

For many they will spend a great deal of time in trying to understand this. There are many paths leading to the door that one seeks.

回復力,穩定平衡,動平衡與諧波運動,這些物理學名詞在許多太極論述中常以另一種口語的形式被用來描述太極武術的練習、應用或是用法。一位太極練習者應該常問“這是真實的嗎?”來引領他的練習。很多人會花許多時間來試圖理解這一點, 也有很多條路徑可以通往人們尋找的門。

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