To be authentic is to be the author of oneself

Mike Staples


A very deep question in part answered by ones practice provided its based on being authentic.

The constant search in finding a true teacher teaching “authentic” taiji as practiced by past masters.

Much time is spent in finding teachers each claiming to have the “authentic” practice.  One might ask what this authenticity is based on.


I have come to understand that this can only come from ones self.
In reaching this understanding I have concluded that what I now practice can no longer be considered taiji as it is commonly known and thought of coming from a distinct family practice or known historical style that most recognize as taiji.

What is called taiji in this day and age, I often wonder would it be called so by the past masters who founded the art.  What would be their perspectives of today’s practices.

I wonder why so many look for the hidden master, secret teachings or practices that no one else knows, what is it they’er really looking for or expect to find?

Does it really matter?

For me it no longer matters.

Not a comment on present day masters or practices,
Only noting changes I’ve gone though in my own work.

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