Thunder & Lightning


Bright light, crashing sound,  deep night.



The O.O.D.A  loop

觀察-導向­-決策-行動 的O.O.D.A迴圈

Describes a way of understanding body mind interactions when called to act. “The approach favors agility over raw power in dealing with human opponents in any endeavor.”


Not Even a Hair Can Be Entered


“Interval” is when two things come one upon another, and not even a hairsbreadth can be slipped in between them.

When you clap your hands and, just at that instant, let out a yell, the interval between clapping your hands and letting out a yell will not allow the entrance of a hairsbreadth.

This is not a matter of clapping your hands, thinking about yelling, and then doing so, which would result in there being an interval in between. You clap your hands and, just at that instant, let out a sound.

“毫髮不能入”是指兩件事情彼此接踵而至,之間甚至連一根頭髮都不能通過。例如當你拍手的一瞬間,也試著同時發出一聲喊叫,拍手和喊叫之間的時間“間隙”毫髮不能入。這樣做並不是先拍手,然後想著喊叫,最後再叫出來,因為那樣這導致兩者之間存在相當的間隔。 你拍手,就在那一瞬間,發出喊叫。

In just the same way, if the mind stops with the sword with which a man is going to strike you, there will be an interval, and your own action will be lost. But if in the interval between your opponent’s striking sword and your own action you cannot introduce even the breadth of a hair, your opponent’s sword should become your own.

同樣的道理,如果當有人執劍擊打你時,你的思想如果停留在要擊打你的劍上,有一段相當的時間間隔,你會失去自己的行為能力。 但是如果在擊打你的劍與你的動作之間連毫髮也不能過時,對手的劍就會變為你的劍。

In Zen discussions we have the same thing. In Buddhism we abhor this stopping and the mind remaining with one thing or another. We call this stopping affliction.”

禪宗裡有類似的討論。佛教厭惡這種使心住於某件事物上的停頓, 他們將之稱為滅苦。

This video doesn’t exist

Taiji, uses a practice called push hands or sensing hands.  A very good practice that can be used to build, develop, enhance and understand  what transition, interval, and  equilibrium point mean.  One can clearly see when the Mind stops,  the “stopping affliction” and what happens at each instance.

太極,利用推手或稱揉手來作練習。 好的推手練習可以用來建立,發展,增強和理解甚麼是轉變,間隔和平衡點。 人們可以清楚地看到心靈何時停止,“滅苦”以及每次的場合到底發生甚麼狀況。

When it does not stop , the zero point reached “equilibrium ” restored, the other is tossed out.


Interval, the gap between two events.  The interaction between the intent of movement and the movement itself “interval”  is often referred to as the gap ….

間隔指的是兩個事件的時間差。 它代表動作意圖與動作之間的相互作用。間隔也通常被視為間隙……。

Transition, the change needed to reach what is called a zero point.  Zero point refers to an equilibrium point, or yin/yang point were the force itself  changes after reaching it’s equilibrium point.

轉變,達到所謂的零點所需要的變化。 零點指的是一個平衡點,或力量本身可以引領的陰陽轉換點。

The force it self is called restoring force.


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