start late arrive first

“He starts late but arrives first”

How can this be, he starts late but arrives first ?

If one is the destination, the focus is helping the other to reach it, while at the same time changing it.

Many Chinese martial art styles are predicated on what some call zone protection or gate theory. 

In this sense they are blind, unresponsive in real time as they are actively attempting to control the next interaction by guiding, blocking, or parrying based on a programed action /reaction attempting to prevent or redirect the opponents course of action.

referred to as an OODA loop.

The practice of “inside outside the center”. helps one develop and understand what being the center of a circle means , and how to enter a circle from outside of it, how to be inside the others OODA loop, changing the target or destination so that opponent never reaches it.

Exploiting attempts or reactions to do so,

The gap between observation, understanding and action . Minimizing the gap between observation and action.

this is “ moving with awareness “

One is actively passive, the other passively active.  One allows the other  to understand and follow the change , the other leads the change.   

Leading the change one has to move with and understand awareness

By understanding what moving with awareness is one can move inside the OODA loop.

It is said following is leading,  leading is following.

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