Tsang Lu

Tsang Lu


open close, empty full, swallow, spit, move with awareness

Named after the Heron

Tsang Lu, combines Taiji theory and movement, with the unique foot work and long arm of Tibetan White Crane. Focusing on developing functional focused awareness, integrated mind and body movement.

基於開合、虛實與吞吐 的知覺運動

Developed in Hsinchu, TW.

Core movements and strategies of the style based on

Taiji as taught by Master Zhang Youngliang, 張永良師傅, 

Tibetan White Crane as taught by Shifu Mike Staples

“The Heron, is comfortable in a space that is neither here nor there. “

Tsang Lu, designed to operate in the in-between space of the long, and short ranges.

Developed by:

Mr. D. Davis,

based on his lifelong involvement and practice of Chinese Martial Arts, combining core movements of Tibetan White Crane and Taiji .

In collaboration with

Mr. T.J. Yeh ,

Taiji practitioner of many years with a deep understanding of Taiji theory and applied physics.

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