five bows

speed slowed down to show the interaction of the whole body responding to force

Five bows a way of describing the method of storing “elastic force” using the analogy of a bow.

Article describing the process

“Five bows in one body means that the body is like a bow, two bows in both hands, and two bows in two feet. The combination of the five bows is the overall strength of the whole body. “Quiet as a mountain, moving as a river.” “Like a bow and a body like an arrow”, it means “five bows in one”.

The body arch uses the waist as the handle. The lumbar spine life gate points behind the navel are always intentionally focused, neutral and not biased, and the life gate points must be propped back. Open the door (the first section of the cervical spine) and the tail bone as the arch tip, symmetrical up and down, adjust the movement, and strengthen its storage potential (the martial body arch, with the big vertebra, that is, the seventh cervical vertebra is one of the arch tips, darker The adjustment of the door is small)”

The force released often described “as if shooting an arrow” refers to the storing and release of ” elastic” energy. In Chinese martial arts force or energy described as “jin”.

“Fa Jin” means to release the potential energy stored within the body

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