white crane



“For several years the lama monk Ah Dat-Ta “阿達陀“ retreated to the mountains to live in seclusion, studying Buddhist texts and practicing meditation. He also hoped to improve his martial art skill. One day Ah Dat-Ta’s meditation was disturbed by a loud sound.


He left the cave he had been meditating in to investigate and found an ape trying to capture a crane.


He was astonished. Despite the ape’s great size and strength, the crane eluded the great swings and pecked at soft, vital points. Ah Dat-Ta was inspired to create a new martial art.”

3 clips showing the flavor and usage of White Crane gung fu

links provided below

Sparring Class – White Crane

Shifu Ron Dong, coaching students sparring during a training session. Sparring, 2 man drills, 2 man sets integral to developing the correct understanding, controlling timing, distance and position the style is noted for.

2 man set

The set emphasis 2 aspects of the style…

Student “A” with the arms held down, working from inside the circle using the “ape” mind set.

Student “B” with arms held up, moving attacking from outside the circle using the “crane” mind set.

round one

Movements are linked together into “sets” or “forms” used to teach transitions and logical movement patterns reflecting usage and strategies of the style.

Shifu Ron Dong
Shifu Mike Staples

”White Crane gung fu”

Outlines the history and development of White Crane gung fu, no longer in print .

Shifu Mike Staples :

“So again, the footwork is tied to the horse, and so are all of the long-arm techniques. without the footwork and the horse, the long-arm techniques won’t make sense, and won’t work properly.

But unlike some styles that practice one way, and spar or fight another way, the White Crane techniques are meant to be used as practiced…

precisely as practiced.”

Tsang Lu

Based on the foundational practices of white crane and taiji, focusing on awareness used “precisely as practiced”

A recent book written by Shifu Staples, with a deeper inner message also detailing some of his earlier “White Crane” teachings ”

Focusing Emptiness: A Mytho-Poetic Journey to the Lost Child by [Michael P Staples, Laura Duggan ]
By Mike Staples

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