Master David Chin

A pioneer in Chinese Martial Arts,

A traditional based Shifu, adapting his art in the traditional way of past masters to the realities of today.

Continuously updating methods and teachings in the traditional way of famous past Masters to the testing grounds of todays full contact contest..

Teaching in the early years

Grandmaster David Chin

An exponent of two major styles born from dissident teachings.

His martial forefathers changed the identities of their arts, either to evade political oppression or as a protest against a totalitarian regime. Coincidentally, both styles also had deep connections to that very regime through the imperial guards, classic examples of one of kung fu’s time-honored thirty-six strategies: “Fool the Emperor to cross the sea.” Likewise, Grandmaster Chin crossed the Pacific to pioneer these anti-Imperialist arts in America.”

Mike Staples, and Gary Fung, among his early students.

Mike Staples a noted author on CMA published a book outlining “Hop Gar” style and history.


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