Shifu Peter Tam Hoy

Peter Tam Hoy & Master Sam Kakina

Shifu Peter Tam Hoy, or just Peter, as he was introduced by Sam, at our first meeting. .

He and Sam, very informal in their teaching, preferring not to cloud the craft with outer trappings that might get in the way of the real substance being offered. In a grammar school cafeteria, downtown Honolulu Hawaii, Sam, let me watch the class he held in the evenings.

My first introduction into the world of taiji.

Peter,  watchful and reserved,  had a cat like way of movement, very quiet yet able to express power at any point. We would have many conversations on the craft, soon becoming close friends, long lost brothers following the “taiji” path, exploring China and Taiwan in our journeys.

Unafraid to challenge his training, seeking out deeper and deeper levels of understanding. Peter, teaches Taiji on the Big Island in Hawaii, can be reached though his web site

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