Master Chen Weihong

Master Chen Weihong ? -2015

Master Chen, very modest, highly skilled in taiji.

Our first meeting sometime in 2002. Walking around the city of Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Happened to see a taiji group playing push hands in one of the many local parks.

Stopping to watch and practice taiji away from the group.

One of the students seeing me, spoke in English introducing himself and then me to his teacher. The same student who could speak English suggested me and his teacher, touch hands, a friendly test and comparison of taiji skill sets.

Teacher Chen, agreed smiling in his warm friendly way.

When we touched hands both of us did not move, able to sense each others movements inside. Understanding this, we both laughed and broke contact. His students quite surprised and mystified as to what happened when there was no outer movement.

We both laughed and shared some tea, and lunch afterwards.

Becoming friends, spent some time talking about taiji, he sharing some books he had written,

I giving him some VHS tapes of Master Zhang, my teacher in China.

Some 12 years later in Hsinchu, Taiwan we would meet again.

Sadly at the time he was battling gallbladder cancer. A battle he would lose sometime in 2015

May his spirit rest in peace..

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