volley jin 2

Volley jin.  

In the year 2020, the month of December, sadly Master Zhang, passed, into the next world.

During his life, he would never allow any of his practice to be shown either in video or published having lived through the cultural revolution, seeing what happened to other more public figures demonstrating unique skill sets. He Preferred to remain anonymous, quietly teaching in one of the many small parks in Beijing, truly a hidden dragon.

Master Zhang, demos in this way to allow others to feel it. For those there it was an everyday experience .

One they didn’t talk about outside the group understanding that most would not understand or accept a reality that was quite apparent for those that practiced in the group.

 Often talked about on the web, “kong jin” known by other names, or what some in the west call “empty force”

The subject of many heated discussions on the web, even by those there watching, or in the demos feeling it first hand.   

Many of Master Zhang’s students have come from other CMA backgrounds staying after feeling something different.

The ability realized with correct practice, develops over time, not a force as some suggest nor does it rely on psychological or any type of reactive input based on suggestion.

Whether touched or not the method by which it works is the same.

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