volley jin 3.0

volley jin

Some speculate there may be some psychological compliance by the students, or un voiced expectations elicited by the teacher. The only way one would know is to find someone in the practice and to experience or not, first hand.

It’s such a different experience most including myself go through a couple of different stages in the practice.


Usually followed by an intense rationalization of the experience attempting to find, or explain something that they feel but don’t understand.


Falling to find any explanation or rationalization that would explain one’s own reactions. There comes a time when the reaction is no longer questioned, accepted as part of “what ever is happening” happens.

Interesting in that one may be able to cause the same reactions they experienced in others, often question “why” others are “reacting” to their actions, not understanding their own reactions.

Attempting to rationalize it, asking those they practice with if they’er faking it or not.


In the clip shown the student is made aware of different types of contact and non-contact that cause physical reactions they experience. The reactions caused do not depend on being touched, whether touched or not the method used causing the reaction is the same.

It takes time going through the stages before one can reach a point were the reactions are accepted allowing one to understand the concepts behind the method, the how, why, and what to practice.

Even a longer period of time developing the skill based on the the practice that can be put to use as intended outside of the practice itself.

Some unfortunately attempt to use the skill with out first understanding how its used outside of practice not understanding it’s only a base that other skill sets depend on allowing for its use.

Takes awhile to build the understanding of

” Do not use force, use mind”

becomes a reality in ones practice

Do not use force, use mind

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