push hands workshop

August 9, 2014.

Push hands workshop


12th annual Chinese American Olympics of Northern California push hands work shop.

An interesting event. Local taiji teachers invited to show case skill sets and allow participants to feel skills helping them to gain an understanding through direct experience not always possible in other settings…

勁 (Jin) ­ Refined force

勁 (Jin) can be expressed though external processes or internal ones. Internal arts,,,like taiji are said to develop and use internal expressions of “Jin” The distinction for external and internal expression of “Jin” refined force.

External: Process that augment the Skin, Tendon and Bone…infusing and supporting them with QI “inner power” expressed by the body directly.

Internal: Process that strengthen the Yi “intention”. Qi “inner power” and Shen “spirit” using the body as a conduit to express it directly.

“Feeding Jin” shown in the beginning of the clip… Allows the receiver to feel a direct line of “force” in a measured amount… Not so much that it overwhelms their ability, just enough so that they have something to work with…

Allowing them to understand and develop skill proportional to their development at the time. Very important in order to understand “Jin” using this understanding in dealing with it…

Each teacher demoed specialties of either their taiji method, or their own methods.

My specialty emptiness “kong jin” , using it to generate spiral force,

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