not all who wonder are lost

It may take a great amount of time before the meaning of 內家拳 nèi jiā quán “internal boxing” become clear

From the writings of


Wang Yongquan Writings on Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Translated by Richard Man

” 編者按:汪永泉老師對內勁兒的本質及其和力的區別作了專門講述。這是非常重要的。有些人沒 有弄清楚,誤把力當成勁兒,走入歧途。
Editor: Teacher Wang Yongquan said that there are fundamental differences between Neijin (內 勁/ internal refined force) and other practices. This is a very important point. Some people do not make the distinction clear, and confuse force as Jin, going down the wrong path.

Neijin and Li (force) are two different things.

Neijin, or in this case, Tai Chi Jin, comes from harmonizing Shen, Yi, and Qi (神、意、氣, ‘spirit’, mind­ intent, and Qi), and not from concentrating Shen, Yi, and Qi.”

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