Central equilibrium, the force of equilibrium. MIYOKO SHIDA RIGOLO –ZEN JAPANESE DANCER Watching her movements one should understand that she is part of the demo.  She must be empty, in other words, she must remove her self from the demo in order to allow “it” to achieve its own equilibrium through her. 觀看她的動作應該明白:她是演示的一部分。 她必須是空的,換句話說,她必須從演示中移除她的自我,以便讓“它”透過她實現自己的平衡。 一羽不能加,蠅蟲不能落 […]

Restoring force

回復力 ” Stand like a balanced scale and rotate actively like a wheel. ” 立如平準、活似車輪 Use no more then 4oz in dealing with others, do not allow more then 4oz to be felt on ones self.  Taiji is no less then one yin, one yang, combined with out separation. 不加四兩以上於對方,也不讓自我感受多於四兩。 太極不外乎一陰一陽、陰陽相濟。 ” Stand like a balanced scale […]

it is your mind that is moving

A Zen story describes three men observing a flag fluttering in the breeze: One man says, “The wind is moving the flag.” The second man says, “No, the flag is moving the wind.” The third man says, “You are both wrong; it is your mind that is moving.” 三个人正在观察一面旗帜在微风中飘扬:一个人说,旗帜在移动。 第二个人说,风在动。 第三个人说,你们都错了,是你们的心在动。

Form does not differ from Emptiness Emptiness does not differ from Form.

Leonardo’s drawing combines a careful reading of the ancient text with his own observation of actual human bodies. “Form does not differ from Emptiness 般若波羅蜜多心經註述 知定註述 And Emptiness does not differ from Form. Form is Emptiness and Emptiness is Form.” The empty space shown by the  circle. Field of awareness or qi field that surrounds […]