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Think bigger with Strategy& while receiving support from our PwC network. Our Deals Strategy teams at Strategy& can partner with you as you navigate through important strategic decisions. We will work to identify opportunities and risks related to transaction targets and create value for your business. We have a holistic and strategic approach with an interdisciplinary team. Our team will focus on your future and help you identify, plan for and execute the right strategic moves to increase your business’s value.

Our deals strategy capabilities

M&A strategy for corporations

Develop a strategy to increase value. 

Whether you are looking for value creation opportunities to expand or value preservation options to keep your business alive, we work with you to develop or refine a strategy worth executing.

M&A strategy

You know you want to buy or sell, you just need a roadmap to deliver results. Our team brings experience from deal integration/separate to the forefront of your strategic plan. Our value creation approach will unlock opportunities that will generate superior returns. 

Value creation

Data driven insights are key to evaluate opportunities that may create value while working through your M&A strategy. Our strategy to execution team looks holistically at all aspects of your business, industry and market to identify future growth through your transaction. Learn more about our approach to value creation and how you can unlock opportunities today.

Commercial Due Diligence

We bring deep industry knowledge and experience to buy- and sell-side scenarios. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t apply. We can seamlessly integrate our financial and operational due diligence, corporate finance, capital markets, and M&A tax teams as needed, providing end-to-end transaction support.

Delivering deal value

What are the main key areas to deliver value from your deal quickly and efficiently? Our team can help you navigate through the fast moving deal environment, realising synergies along the way. We help you integrate (or separate) operational functions for a smooth transition and minimise disruption.

Portfolio optimisation for corporates

Are you getting the maximum value out of every part of your business?  
What locations are outperforming others?  
What products are still meeting customer needs?  
Tap into our portfolio specialists to evaluate the overall health and performance, identifying areas for growth or assets that no longer fit your overall strategy. Learn more here.

Pricing optimisation

Leveraging our experience on both sides of a deal, we prepare management teams for price negotiations. Our value creation approach ensures the seller communicates the potential of the asset and the buyer can move forward with confidence.


Private equity optimisation

Portfolio company strategy

Assess what is driving value in your portfolio company to help you unlock greater synergies and pivot the business to improve profits.

Exit strategy

Sell at the right time for the right price. Leverage our global networks and industry know-how to develop your exit strategy. With our value creation approach, you can identify those opportunities the bidder can’t resist.

Commercial excellence

Channel strategy

Customers, vendors and suppliers are consistently shifting channels. We can help you find the best way to spotlight your services and products, bringing it to the forefront. Our teams can help you get the right insights to your customers, unlocking revenue for your business. 

Sales strategy

Understanding the link between sales strategy and customer engagement is the key to profitability. Our teams apply a holistic approach to your sales strategy, building and expanding your customer relationships and intimacy, and driving further customer engagement that are the most relevant. You’ll maximize your returns while simultaneously addressing customer retention and acquisition activities.

Brand strategy

We can help you strengthen and build your brand to start achieving the results you desire, redefining your future goals.

Price strategy

Getting the price right is one of the most effective profit levers in business, delivering significantly higher returns. We have unique expertise to help boost your growth by designing smart pricing solutions that encompass every aspect of the pricing function. More on our in depth approach to pricing strategy here.

Operations strategy

We can help you develop your capabilities to improve the efficiency of your business, serving omni-channel demand. Our teams can also help enable rapid innovation and product development while simultaneously unlocking additional value levers. We deliver solutions from the start to reinvent the operations of your business. Learn more here.

SKU optimisation

Unlock the hidden value in your product portfolio. Using a holistic approach, our strategy team can help you determine the health of your portfolio and provide tools to nurture a healthy, high-performing product portfolio.

Digital strategy

Today’s ongoing digital transformation means much more than taking advantage of the latest technology, social media platforms, et cetera. Our team has the skills, technology, and scale to think and deliver big and unlock the most value across your organization —in digital innovation and product development, digital supply chain operations, digital marketing and sales, and workplace infrastructure. More on our approach to digital strategy.

Fit for Growth

Are you struggling to expand revenue and profitability amid fragmenting customer demand, shifting channels, and evolving technologies? Fit for Growth is our proven approach model for unlocking performance that helps companies manage costs in a more strategic way, allowing you to cut costs and grow more resilient. More on Fit for Growth here.

Growth strategy

Market entry strategy

Understand the landscape before your dive in. Our Deals Strategy professionals are based all around the world so can assess new market opportunities to ensure you move forward with confidence.

Products and services optimisation

Create enterprise value with a more sustainably-sourced product or a digitally enhanced customer service.  These are just two examples of how we identify opportunities you can execute in your growth strategy.

Go-to-market strategy

What are the best ways to create a loyal customer-base? Tap into data-driven insights to create the right approach to personalise your go-to-market.

Pricing optimisation

Leveraging our experience on both sides of a deal, we prepare management teams for price negotiations. Our value creation approach ensures the seller communicates the potential of the asset and the buyer can move forward with confidence. 

Exit strategy

Selling your business is a lever you may need to consider as part of your growth strategy. We can support you as you go through the motions of your exit, with a no surprises approach so you don't misstep to realise the value you have worked so hard to achieve. Our goal is to see you succeed as you navigate through the sales process.


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