Climate and ESG reporting services

Navigate regulatory complexity and harness value from environmental, social and governance information

Driving value creation and business transformation with sustainability reporting

Transforming reporting functions to align with strategic ambition, while demonstrating clear accountability for progress on your transformation towards a more sustainable business, creates value. Leading organisations worldwide are stepping up to address some of the most important environmental, social and governance ("ESG") issues facing the world.

Given the significance of ESG information, your organisation can benefit from transparency around your ambitions.  Insightful, holistic and trusted reporting can demonstrate how you are harnessing ESG opportunity and managing ESG risk by using measures to protect and create value for the enterprise, its stakeholders and for society.

The impact of ESG and climate response on organisational issues

Climate response and related public reporting impacts: 1. Access to capital and costs of funding, 2. Reputation with customers, suppliers and society, 3. Ability to attract and retain talent, 4. Enterprise value and competitive advantage.

There are two types of reporting to achieve this:

External reporting solutions

Stakeholders, including investors use annual financial and sustainability reporting to understand how an organisation is impacted by, and addressing, sustainability risk and opportunity. They want to see compliance with relevant reporting standards, transparency, relevance and reliability. They want to understand the implications sustainability has on your prospects for long-term value creation and the ways in which you’ll manage risks. You want to engage your stakeholders and tell a consistent story across the market.

PwC can help you reimagine reporting that builds trust while creating sustainable value for the long term.

Internal reporting solutions

Successfully embedding ESG strategies into the core of how your organisation does business requires more than traditional financial information for decision making.  Collecting, measuring and aggregating ESG information to manage risks and monitoring progress against commitments is also important.

Current and prospective employees are taking a greater interest in what type of organisation they work for. Sharing your commitment and accomplishments engages your workforce in a new way.

PwC reporting services helps organisations steer their reporting functions to integrate insights about ESG impacts, such as climate, into their reporting capabilities.

“When almost eight out of ten investors tell us they suspect greenwashing in corporate sustainability reporting, companies and regulators should take note. The lack of trust is troubling as sustainability information becomes increasingly important to both investors’ and other stakeholders’ decisions. There is a need for companies to improve their data, systems and governance, and for regulators to continue the move towards globally aligned and interoperable reporting and assurance standards.”

Nadja Picard, Global Reporting Leader, PwC Germany

PwC's Global Investor Survey

In our new survey, investors say they see sustainability as a priority for companies—and one that calls for financial discipline and greater transparency. Their views point to actions that business leaders can take to guide their ESG initiatives.

Reporting is at the heart of PwC  

A multi-disciplined approach is needed to transform your reporting function to meet sustainability ambitions as well as navigate sustainability reporting standards and frameworks for regulatory compliance. We will bring together an agile community of solvers, from reporting advisors, accountants and analysts that excel in data and technology based solutions, to environmental scientists and climate and sustainability subject matter experts, to help you build confidence in sustainability reporting. This will enable your ESG information to:

  • Create insights and knowledge

  • Drive value-based decisions inside and outside the organisation,

  • Encourage more responsible investment, and

  • Effect positive change to holistically improve ESG outcomes for generations to come.

Defining your ESG reporting ambition

From insights into current and emerging reporting requirements, trends, peer benchmarking and stakeholder expectations, our reporting advisors can help you understand how your current reporting stacks up when it comes to delivering and communicating the value created from your ESG strategy.

  • Is the impact of ESG on your business clear and transparent to the market? 

  • Are you meeting the information needs of your users? 

  • Do you have ambitions to be ‘best in class’ among your competitors?

Aligning reporting strategy to strategic direction

If you want to deliver a coherent ESG narrative for your organisation, it is imperative that your ESG reporting strategy is developed in tandem with broader strategic direction, corporate and tax strategies. We blend reporting advisors and strategic consultants to bring clarity in end-to-end ESG strategy integration.

  • How do stakeholders follow your progress on transition & net-zero ambitions? 

  • Does your reporting align to your enterprise strategy and other ESG commitments?

  • Do your ESG ratings paint a true picture of ESG opportunities and enterprise value?

Designing and implementing transformation within reporting

A team of solvers, our reporting advisors, data & tech specialists, transformation consultants and ESG subject matter experts work together to extract knowledge and insight from ESG data and information, helping you make decisions that are aligned to your organisation’s strategy. We help you find the right data governance and workforce planning solution that will embed ESG reporting throughout your organisation.

  • How do you translate ESG reporting strategy into practical reality?

  • Do you have confidence in the ESG information that is used to steer operational decision making?

  • Could tech-enabled solutions improve the speed and accuracy of your reporting?

Complying with ESG reporting requirements

Navigating change in the reporting landscape is a full time job. Our global reach and ongoing dialogue with standard setters makes it easier to assess the impact this change has on your reporting obligations, financing, investment and supply chains. Compliance support covers production of sustainability reports across multiple reporting standards and driving consistency with other external reporting publications, such as the financial statements. 

  • What reporting regulations exist and how do they affect you?

  • Can you meet multiple reporting requirements in a more effective way?

  • Is your reporting function ready for changes and trends in the regulatory environment?


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