PwC's Global Third Party Code of Conduct

Message from the Global Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

PwC is recognised as a global leader in professional services, working with many of the world’s largest organisations. PwC is committed to operating within a framework of ethical and professional standards, laws, regulations, internal policies, and our core values. PwC is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and is committed to its 10 principles.

At PwC, we expect the same level of integrity and business conduct from our Third Parties and their personnel as we do our own people.  These standards are explained in our Global Third Party Code of Conduct.

Knowing, understanding, and behaving according to the Third Party Code is a fundamental requirement to working for or with PwC. PwC expects Third Parties to be mindful of their ethical responsibilities and to embed the behaviours outlined in Third Party Code into their work for or with PwC.  

We acknowledge that no code can address every situation that Third Parties may encounter. As a result, the Third Party Code is not a substitute for Third Parties’ own accountability and responsibility to exercise good judgment and proper business conduct.

If you are a Third Party to PwC and come across a situation that may be inconsistent with the Third Party Code, we encourage you to seek guidance from those within PwC designated as responsible for your services for or with PwC, or contact PwC’s Ethics helpline.   

We value the courage it takes to raise concerns and will review/investigate reported concerns raised by our Third Parties.  

Something doesn't seem right? Facing a dilemma? Speak up. It's the right thing to do. 

PwC's Ethics helpline

Laurie Endsley, Global Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

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Laurie  Endsley

Laurie Endsley

Global Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, PwC United States