Front office transformation, reimagined

We take a progressive approach to accelerate business value.

How do you future-proof for inevitable yet uncertain change?

Our portfolio of front office transformation Solutions will help you rethink the way people interact, transact and engage with your company. We offer an advanced service platform that delivers a connected, customer-centric experience through seamless engagement. Our pre-built technology and innovative assets combined with our specialist advisors help you increase customer loyalty, drive growth, boost productivity and inspire your workforce.

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At PwC, we accelerate value through best-in-class digital enablement

Product and solutions accelerators

PwC's portfolio of packaged technology Solutions accelerate front office transformation with a focus on business benefits:

  • Model CRM system configurations for industry verticals
  • Platform extensions providing advanced capabilities
  • PwC products and solutions that solve complex business problems
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Intelligent automation

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Intuitive user experience

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Advanced analytics

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Omnichannel integration

Industry and technical SMEs

Tailored approach enabled by our team of industry and technical specialists

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Global engagement model that scales to your needs with cost-effective support

Accelerate value realisation

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Increase in customer satisfaction 

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Faster organic and inorganic growth

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Improved employee productivity

Discover our robust portfolio of Front Office Solutions

To accelerate value, you need best-in-class digital enablement. Expert-led. Customer-focused. Employee approved.

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Connected Digital Front Office

Built on Salesforce’s Consumer Goods Cloud, this suite accelerates growth and productivity

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Digital Fitness

Our Digital Workforce Transformation changes the way employees learn, think, communicate, and solve

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Trust & Security

A suite of solutions to improve customer satisfaction, support compliance to consumer protection and financial regulations

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Sales & Marketing Excellence

A FullForce certified, single platform accelerator 

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Helps relationship managers and consumer bankers understand clients in a new way with Customer 360

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Provides customer-facing employees, in the travel and hospitality industry, meaningful information and actionable insights

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Performance Analyzer

The most robust revenue management platform in the market

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Agile Commerce

Provides a global template to implement and deploy a complex mix of digital marketing and commerce in just four weeks

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Service Excellence

Transforms the way you manage your customer lifecycle across channels, while increasing revenue and reducing costs

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An intelligent adoption solution for your entire organization to ensure you get the most out of your digital transformations

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Change Navigator

Analyzes your change environment, identifies impact, creates a best-fit change plan, and tracks progress against key rollout metrics

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Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS)

Speeds up customer onboarding and time to value, and allows you to manage changes across your customer’s subscription lifecycle to increase recurring revenues

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Customer Insights Platform

Helps you anticipate your customer’s needs, identify high-value targets and grow wall share

Front office transformation success stories

Take a look at how we help our clients across the world navigate complex issues, create value and achieve high performance.


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