Industrial manufacturing

Evolve for the future of the industry. Hello, tomorrow.

Making the leap to more digital, dynamic and efficient operations

The only constant in today’s industrial manufacturing environment is disruption. Disruption from new tech-based entrants, to the decoupling of the global supply chain, to the transition to net zero. And changing consumer preferences and new distribution models are continuously reshaping the industry. But with disruption comes the opportunity to innovate. 

To stay competitive, organisations must be able to integrate new business models and pro-actively invest in new technologies to accelerate and adapt. All while addressing critical risk, tax, audit, assurance and strategy consulting issues across the globe. PwC’s community of solvers collaborates with manufacturers to help tackle today’s challenges. Finding new ways to create value and opportunities for sustained growth.

How PwC can help

Strategic investments. Smarter value chains

Strategic, data-driven investments can help you make improvements across the value chain. These include building new capabilities, uncovering efficiency gains and incorporating new technological solutions. 

We can guide you through cost and footprint optimisation, digitisation and deals to help strengthen your value chain and manage risk. And our real-time insights help you transform your supply chain to be more flexible, resilient and transparent. We can be your long-term, collaborative partner to help sustain powerful performance improvements.


Manufacturing - prepared to pivot

We see various forces at work reshaping the industry and the role of the manufacturer. And many are pivoting—embracing digital business-to-business (B2B) commerce and extended services.

These shifts open new profit pools, create opportunities and help you adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace and evolving customer expectations. We can work with you to understand where to make bold moves, how to sell and price and where and when to evolve.

We also collaborate with you on workforce planning and long-term strategies to maximise the value of your talent investments.

Your workforce—your value driver

A highly skilled digital workforce has become critical to keeping pace with this evolving industry. PwC can help your employees unlock their full potential and the potential of digital manufacturing. We help to identify and fill talent gaps, improve engagement and build a culture of performance. 

We also collaborate with you on workforce planning and long-term strategies to maximise the value of your talent investments.

Dynamic and ready for complexity

Manufacturers are constructing smart factories while building a global presence and enhancing supply chains. And as you build and grow, you must balance innovation with risk, regulatory and legal shifts and market considerations.

We bring together a team of cross-functional experts with fresh perspectives, local insights and global industry knowledge. This team guides you through new value-creation opportunities and helps you determine where and when to position your operations. Together, we can help you achieve the transformations you need to deliver value today and into the future.

Smart Mobility

When humanity and technology hit the road

Visit our Smart Mobility Hub - an essential resource for the latest perspectives that define our collective mobility challenges and help find the smartest solutions. 

From cities and urban infrastructure, to automation and impending regulatory hurdles, we’re ensuring the next stop is a new beginning for all.

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Mine 2023: The era of reinvention

As the era of critical minerals emerges, the world’s biggest mining companies must find a new formula for success. The 20th edition of our Mine report assesses the trends shaping a changing industry and considers how companies can adapt to meet rising demand for the critical minerals that will help enable the clean-energy transition.

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