Workforce strategy

The right talent mix to drive value

With up to 85% of costs tied up in people, organisations need to predict their strategic and operational requirements and allocate resources accordingly. But the world is changing. The digital workforce is here -- and the new possibilities that man and machine in collaboration bring us are endless and are transforming the role of people at work. The global pandemic further highlighted the need to understand workforce skills in order to enable a quick pivot -- and those organizations that were further along in embracing digitization came out ahead. 

By understanding the possibilities of automation, the changing ways organisations harness the potential of human skills, and the needs of the business in a changing global business landscape and throughout the employee lifecycle we ensure organisations can find, nurture and incentivise the right adaptable, innovative and skilled people they need for the digital age.

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PwC's Global Co-Leaders for Workforce Strategy, Bhushan Sethi and Julia Lamm, discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the way organisations need to approach workforce strategy. They look at the importance of scenario planning, data and upskilling to achieve a successful workforce strategy.

Does your organisation have the right workforce to meet your immediate and emerging business challenges? Do you know what skills you will need for the future of your business? And do you have an understanding of how today’s complex global environment will impact where and how you deploy your talented people?

Build your workforce strategy

Workforce strategy is how organisations plan and prepare their workforce to deliver on business strategy

Company's strategy

Critical capabilities

Align the culture and prepare for change

Operating model
  • Organisation structure
  • Organisation roles, accountabilities, and decision rights
  • Management processes
  • Performance management

Talent planning
  • Job architecture
  • Sourcing strategy
  • Leadership planning
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Diversity and inclusion

Learning and upskilling
  • Leadership development
  • Workforce development and capability
  • Upskilling / reskilling

Employee Experience
  • Meaningful work
  • Leadership experience
  • Organisation experience
  • Technology experience
  • Workplace experience

Work environment
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Laber market analytics
  • Work environment
  • Technology and mobility
  • Facilities, construction management and operations

Apply digital assets, tools, and talent analytics

Deliver the workforce of the future

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