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Becoming fit for purpose

The Peel Regional Police in Ontario, Canada, was dealing with what many law enforcement departments face: it was structured in a way that didn’t always make sense for the problems it was trying to solve. The chief wanted to remove barriers for his staff, not create them. The police service needed to relook at its vision and operations to determine its top priorities, including improved on-the-job technology, strategic innovation and community policing initiatives that build trust and relationships.

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Becoming Fit for Purpose

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Tracking your environmental footprint

We all have a part to play in reducing our carbon footprint. But how do we know what kind of footprint we’re leaving behind? And what options do we have to reduce our impact? It’s not just something that individuals must think about—these are questions for all types of businesses and communities.

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Tracking your environmental footprint


Supporting international trade for the digital age

Singapore’s Alliances for Action (AfA), a public-private partnership, engaged PwC to help build a common data highway called SGTraDex that aims to be the digital highway for Singapore’s supply chain ecosystem, with the goal of streamlining and channelling information from disparate sources via a central digital infrastructure. The result - an infrastructure which allows participants to share data regardless of their digital maturity, while safeguarding commercially sensitive information and reducing risk.

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Supporting international trade

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